PRIME Online Shopper

Want to shop online with Prime but don’t own a credit card? No worries! We offer an online shopping service to all registered Prime Couriers customers that need us to purchase their items on their behalf.

How does it work?

1) Customer can contact us via phone or email to request a quote for items over USD$200.

Customers can also use the online calculator in our website to get an average cost of purchasing and shipping charges. Once the customer agrees to the price, he must email us the link(s) for the item(s) to
2) Once the link with the respective shopping instructions has been received, the customer must make a 75% down payment of the total cost prior to us ordering the item(s) for you.

The payment can be made using the various payment method we offer (cash on delivery, linx and credit card). Payments via direct deposit at also are accepted. Please contact us for the account information.
3) After the 75% down payment is received, a payment receipt is issued to the client and, we proceed to place the order within two (2) days thereafter.
4) As soon as the item arrived to Miami facility, we coordinate the logistics, shipping and clearance through customs and excise.
5) When the item arrives to our local office, we contact the customer to arrange the delivery or the office pick-up.
6) Upon receiving the item, the 25% balance must be settled.
7) If the item cannot be purchased, the customer the 75% down payment reimbursed.
8) If the customer no longer wish to purchase the item, he must contact us via phone and sent us an email within 2 hours cancelling the order.
9) Customer refunds will be effected within 24-48 hours after the customer requests the refund.
10) Any reimbursement over $500 TT, will be done via cheque.


Prime Couriers is not responsible for the delivery time from the item seller to our warehouse in Miami or the condition packages or contents arrive.

Our warehouse personnel will do their best and use their discretion to refuse packages that appear to be damaged, opened or for any other reason that detrimentally affect the condition of each package.