Air Freight

Prime Couriers Air freight is an all-inclusive, hassle free shipping solution. Our service allows customers to receive the package(s) within 3-4 days after they arrive to our Miami facility.

Note: Due to covid restrictions wait times may vary.

We coordinate the logistics, ship the items, clear them through customs and excise, sort and deliver your packages directly to your home or business place.

How does it work?

When you sign up with Prime Couriers, you will automatically receive a personalized Sky Box address, also known as “a personalized US shipping address” to which you can send your business cargo and personal packages you order online, through catalogue or suppliers drop off. You can start shipping right away. It’s that simple!

Prime Couriers will receive cargo and packages at our Miami warehouse on your behalf, process them and then forward your packages to the Miami International Airport for flight to Trinidad. At present, we have two (2) weekly fights. However, during the peak season, we will offer three (3) weekly flights. Our Miami facility is fully equipped to handle any type or size of cargo. If required or requested, we can also crate, shrink wrap and/or palletize your larger cargo.

The Miami and local facilities are secured with HD security cameras providing a safe and reliable environment from arrival until the cargo is delivered to your doorsteps in Trinidad and Tobago.

When the flight arrives to Trinidad, our local office will then proceed to clear your items through customs and excise. After the items are cleared through customs and excise, they are processed and delivered to your doorsteps of your home or business. Please note, all of the shipping charges, duties and VAT will be paid up front by us and, you will pay us upon receipt of your goods.

Why use Prime Couriers Air Freight Service?

  • There are many advantages of using Air freight
  • Business customers are fully exempted from the 7% online purchase tax.
  • Very competitive rates for domestic customers. Additionally, we offer special discounted rates are for business customers.
  • We offer consolidation services for domestic and business customers.
  • Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can guide you through the entire process and provide quotes, as required.
  • We offer pick-up services in Miami
  • We offer online shipping service.
  • We offer insurance on packages shipped via Air
  • We offer free delivery for packages under 30 pounds. The office pickup at our local office is also available.
  • We pay all charges upfront and bill you after.
  • We accept cash on delivery, linx and credit card payments.
  • Standard Skybox Facility at Miami Warehouse
  • Subscription Magazine and other Personal Mail (shipped with packages only)
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