How do I sign up?
You can visit our website you can call us at +1 868-241-4472.

You can also sign up from your smart phone using our mobile friendly website
Is it free to sign up?
Yes, it is free to sign up.
Do you have any annual membership fee?
No, there are no annual membership fees.
Where are you located in Trinidad?
We are located at Lot No. 1, John Persad Road, Chase Village, Carapichaima.
What are your opening hours in Miami and Trinidad?
Our Miami facility opens Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Our Trinidad office opens Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays, we open from (9:00 am to 1:00 pm).

Note: Miami offices are closed on weekends and U.S. public holidays.
Do you do pick-ups in the USA?
Yes, we do. Customers must request the pick-ups 24 hours in advance
Can I pick up my package at the office?
Yes, customers can pick up their packages at our office located at Lot No. 1, John Persad Road, Chase Village, Carapichaima.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays, we open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Important notice:

Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, we are mandated to adhere to any restriction imposed by the government to curb the spread of the virus. In this regard, our drivers will be delivering packages.
Do you do online purchases? What is your service percentage?
Yes, we do. We charge 10% of the cost of the item. Please note, customer must pay freight, duty, VAT and Online Purchase Tax (OPT) when applicable.

Our purchasing service is available to all registered customers that need us to purchase their items on their behalf.

To get an average cost of purchasing and shipping the item, use the online calculator from our website. Once the price is suitable to you, you must email the links of the relevant item(s) to

The next step is to make a 75% down payment of the total cost prior to us ordering the item(s) for you.

You can make this payment using online banking, direct deposit at any Scotia Bank or First Citizens Bank location directly to our company account or, you can also make the payment directly at our office. Cash or card are accepted.

Please contact us for the account information.
Do you send notification emails when my packages arrive to the warehouse?
Yes, we do. When the packages arrive to the warehouse in Miami, it takes approximately 24-48 hours to be manifested in the system. When the process is completed successfully, a notification email is sent the customer for each package received.
How many times per week do you ship to Trinidad?
At present, we have two (2) flights weekly (Wednesdays and Fridays) However, during the peak seasons, there will be three (3) flights weekly (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays)
Do you offer real time tracking? How do I track my packages?
We do not offer that service at the moment. To track the packages, you can contact our office with your tracking number and relevant information and we will provide the status of your package.
How long does it take to receive my package?
Packages are received within 3-4 days after they arrive at the warehouse.
Do you charge volumetric or actual weight on heavy and bulky items?
Yes, we charge actual weight for ALL air courier packages.

There is no limit to the actual weight or size. Essentially our carrier has stated that if it can fit in the flight, we can bring it to you. For heavy and/or oversized cargo, feel free to contact us for further assistance. We are equipped to handle large bulk items in our warehouse, thus commercial shipments are welcome.

Large items that we often ship via air for our customers include items such as computers, electronics, car parts, ready-to-assemble furniture; toys etc. (Please ensure that all shipments are packaged properly as we will not accept liability for damaged goods due to improper packaging.)
How do I pay for my package?
We have several payment options available. We accept cash payments, debit and credit cards.

Business customers can also pay via cheque. *This option is subject to management approval*
What are your air freight rates?
Weight (lbs) Rate (USD) Rate (TTD)
1 $ 3.99 $ 27.53
2 $ 7.49 $ 51.68
3 $ 8.99 $ 62.03
4 $ 11.99 $ 82.73
5 $ 14.99 $ 103.43
6 $ 17.99 $ 124.13
7 $ 19.99 $ 137.93
8 $ 22.99 $ 158.63
9 $ 27.99 $ 193.13
10 $ 30.99 $ 213.83
11 $ 32.99 $ 227.63
12 $ 36.99 $ 255.23
13 $ 39.99 $ 275.93
14 $ 42.99 $ 296.63
15 $ 45.99 $ 317.33
16-100 $ 3.50 $ 24.15

Your final invoice will include the following: Air Freight charges, Custom Duties (if applicable), VAT charged by Customs & Excise (if applicable), 7% Online Purchased Tax (OPT) if applicable, Fuel surcharge, Insurance fee and Handling fee.
Do you offer insurance for electronics and fragile items?
Yes, we do. Insurance can be provided on specific items. Insurance is charged at a rate of $2.00 USD per $100 USD value of your package and increases by $1 each $100. Kindly contact us and we will guide you accordingly on our insurance rates.

Any package received without an invoice will only be insured for maximum of USD$100.00.

Please note, your rate of $2.00 USD does not cover the following items:
  • Flatbed scanners
  • Microwave ovens
  • Monitors
  • Any other glass, porcelain, ceramic or concrete products.
  • Any improperly or inadequately packaged items from shipper.
  • Shipping charges are not covered by the insurance. Please note, our insurance rates and services are subject to change without prior notice
Do you offer free delivery throughout Trinidad and Tobago?
We offer free delivery to most parts of Trinidad for packages under 50 pounds. For heavy/ bulky items over 50 pounds, kindly contact our office for a quote.

We aim to offer this convenience to all our customers. However, due to the potential risks, and very long distance, we are unable to deliver in the listed areas below:

Central / South Cocorite / Diego Martin Downtown Laventille Morvant St. James
Embacadere Powder Magazine Duke Street East Block 22 Beetham Gardens Dundonald Hill
Water Hole Cocorite Picadilly Street East Eastern Quarry Caledonia Niles Street
Bagatelle John John/ Picton Chinapoo Upper Bournes Road "Coco"
Blue Basin Laventille Rd. Mon Repos Waterhole
Covigne Prizgar Lands Never Dirty
St. Barb's Paradise Heights
Success Red Hill
Trou Macaque Romain Land
Upper Pashley St.

We strongly encourage our loyal customers residing or working in these areas to kindly contact us for alternative delivery arrangements.
Do you inform the customers when the packages will be out for delivery?
As per our standard procedure, we inform all our valued customers that their drivers will be delivering their package(s) 1 day prior to delivery. Additionally, we attempt to contact our customers over the phone on the day of the delivery. <
Do you email the invoices prior to sending the package on delivery?
Yes, the invoices are emailed to the customers well in advance.